Connections in the time of pandemic

Connections in the time of pandemic

Apr 7, 2020
Senior Events Manager
Connections in the time of pandemic

We have an announcement! It’s not the one we expected to make even just two weeks ago, but it’s just as exciting none-the-less. Without further ado…

After closely monitoring the recent coronavirus situation around the world, and after many looong and difficult discussions about the future of our events, we decided that we will NOT allow COVID-19 to stop our beloved annual tradition – Kentico Connections 2020 live on!

Every year, we look forward to the opportunity of coming together with our community – to network, share knowledge, and build ever stronger connections. It’s the highlight of our calendars. But we would never jeopardize the health of our employees, partners, and clients. And so, for the first time in the event’s (and company’s) history, Kentico Connections will go virtual.

We won’t lie, there will be some bits missing that simply can only happen at a physical event, but at the same time, the digital event will bring new opportunities for our community engagement and expansion. It will be new, and it will be different – and that’s what makes it exciting. Going virtual means better accessibility, more attendees, greater presentations, and connections with people you’ve never met. With every crisis, there’s always room for opportunity.

This is something totally new to us. But we’ve dealt with last-minute venue cancelations, running a party during a blackout in Las Vegas, and speaker no-shows in the past, so this will simply be another challenge that we’ll tackle with the support of our awesome community.

We spent the past few months planning and preparing for the traditional physical Connections. So what do we do now? Well, it’s time to clean up our Connections backlog and start from scratch on preparations of the virtual show! Give us few weeks to research, brainstorm, and come together with the final look of Connections 2020.

The conference will happen this fall, as it does every year, and we’ll share more details with exact dates, the agenda, registrations, and sponsorships in the coming weeks.

We’re looking forward to making the most of this situation. When life gives you lemons… make some drinks at home and get ready for a new way to experience Kentico Connections.

Stay tuned, and until further updates, stay safe.