A Poem for Blog Readers Everywhere (AKA Happy New Year)

A Poem for Blog Readers Everywhere (AKA Happy New Year)

Jan 2, 2018
A Poem for Blog Readers Everywhere (AKA Happy New Year)

We would like to wish all our blog readers a very Happy New Year. So we thought, what better way than taking a lighthearted look at the year ahead. So with our tongue firmly in our cheek, here is a poem for all of you in the wonderful world of digital marketing and web development ☺


With each New Year there comes another challenge,

But we’re adults here, so I’m sure that you will manage

So will you stick with your good old trusted strategy?

Of create it quick, you fool, it’s almost Saturday!


And now your SEO mistakes have seen you spurned,

To the nineteenth page of Google search returns.

It’s plain to see that your web developer lacks,

Any keyword research skills for meta tags.


And if the insights gained from Google Analytics

Seem to only show your mistakes but never how to fix it.

Remember that greater conversions need much better targeting,

So there’s always crystal balls, tea leaves, or Agile Marketing!


Don’t forget, optimize CTAs on your online forms!

Or you’ll just nurture all your leads from hot to warm.

Not filtering spam leads out first leads to hell,

As Mickey Mouse is not an MQL!


Yet you claim your future sales will be celebrated,

But your pipeline’s not just dry, it’s evaporated!

And the KPIs you have are an absolute crime,

But at least you’ve created a cool macro for stopping time!


And with 2018 comes new GDPR chores,

As you discover the data’s theirs but the problem’s yours.

So be careful that you make the correct decision,

Or the next board members’ meeting might be in prison!


It’s essential that you map the data of your flows

Or simply just stop selling in Euros!

And if you plan to write in Spanish, German, English, or French,

First obtain every EU citizens’ consents.


The clock is counting down so avoid that mess,

Or your bank account could be several million Euros less!

But don’t worry, if you act now, you’ll have time,

To help yourself avoid that painful fine.


So when you need quality you can trust, then get the highest

We already know the best, but then, we’re slightly biased.

For GDPR compliance and creating your visitors’ digital heaven,

Make the right choice now and go for Kentico 11 ;-)


Kentico blog wishes you a happy new year!

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