Announcing the 2021 Kentico Xperience MVPs

Announcing the 2021 Kentico Xperience MVPs

Jan 13, 2021
Announcing the 2021 Kentico Xperience MVPs

A lot happened in 2020. From a massive brush fire sweeping its way across Australia to a global pandemic closing borders and changing the way millions of people work. It also saw the split of the Kentico MVPs into two distinct groups, each focusing on one of the two Kentico products.

As we begin 2021 and say good riddance bye to 2020, it’s time to do that thing we do every year. No, not change the batteries in the smoke detector (although we do highly recommend this practice😁). It’s time to announce this year’s Kentico Xperience Most Valuable Professionals, or as we call them MVPs.

At the end of each year, the Xperience MVP committee meets to assess those individuals who go above and beyond helping others and sharing Xperience across the world. For their efforts, the committee awards these community members the title of Kentico Xperience MVP.

Without further ado, here are your 2021 Kentico Xperience MVPs!

Andy Thompson

CTO – Luminary

Brenden Kehren

Brian McKeiver

Co-Owner – BizStream

David te Kloese

Practice Lead Kentico – Emakina

Dmitry Bastron

Solution Architect – Delete

Jake Kula

DXP Lead - Revium
Jeroen Furst

Jeroen Fürst

Solutions Architect – TrueLime

Mike Wills

Director of Development – BlueModus

Sean G. Wright

Dev Lead – WiredViews

Trevor Fayas

Senior Software Engineer – Heartland Business Systems

How can I become an MVP?

If you’re interested in joining this illustrious group of individuals, head on over to the Xperience MVP page. There you will find out what it means to be an MVP for Kentico Xperience, the benefits of being an Xperience MVP, and how you can apply. Also, you can always ask one of our existing MVPs 😊.

Again, congratulations to our 2021 Kentico Xperience MVPs, and thank you for all your hard work!

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