Ask the Experts: Refresh 1, design patterns, and why you should move to MVC

Ask the Experts: Refresh 1, design patterns, and why you should move to MVC

Mar 16, 2021
Ask the Experts: Refresh 1, design patterns, and why you should move to MVC

On this episode of Ask the Experts, I was joined by three of our Most Valuable Professionals, Sean G. Wright, Trevor Fayas, and Brian McKeiver. We were also joined by a member of the Kentico Xperience community, Chris Bass.

If you missed us live, no worries because you can watch the replay of this episode below, and if you’ve got questions of your own, throw them into the comments or reach out to us on DevNet or Slack!

Ask the Experts #4

Refresh 1, design patterns, and why you should move to MVC

Upcoming Refresh for Kentico Xperience 13

We started our show talking about the upcoming Refresh for Kentico Xperience 13 and got a little insight about what features everyone is most looking forward to in Refresh 1.

Sean and Brian talked about their excitement for bringing back native debugging information from the live site to the Debug Module in Kentico Xperience 13.

Trevor is excited to get the Cache Tag Helper because of its integration with Kentico Xperience cache dependencies.

Chris was curious about the experience of updating to the latest Refresh, and while the MVPs were not able to test the update process, it will be the same process as a Hotfix in Kentico Xperience. Brian eloquently noted that these faster release cycles are meant to drive innovation, get features into our customers’ hands faster, and avoid the pains of a large separate installation.  

Community Highlights

Kentico Xperience Design Patterns: Modeling Missing Data with Nullable Reference Types

Recently, Sean wrote an article about a helpful pattern that comes in handy when encountering page types that have optional fields or have an integration that’s missing a piece of information. We don’t want to fail everything if that data is missing. Our goal is to handle it gracefully.

25 Reasons to Move to Kentico Xperience MVC

Not long ago, Brian wrote a blog series including 25 reasons you should move to Kentico Xperience MVC. Over the past couple of years, Brian has been having conversations with his clients about why they should move from Portal Engine to MVC. 

In typical developer fashion, he didn’t want to keep repeating himself (remember the DRY principle😉) over and over. So he decided to write a blog about it, which ended up being a series of three blog posts, each focusing on a different persona:   business, marketing, and technical.

This lead to some great conversations between Sean, Trevor, Brian, and Chris about how they have their MVC development teams built out, the tools those teams are using, and how they are getting developers comfortable developing MVC applications.


If you’ve solved a problem, got a problem that needs to be solved, or want to share your experience with Kentico Xperience, please reach out to me on Twitter, LinkedIn, or drop a message on the Ask the Experts discussion board, and we’ll get you on the show!

Also, if you’ve got a topic you want to know more about, a problem you’re having trouble with, best practices for handling specific scenarios, or anything else—drop a message on the discussion board as well.

Join us next time, April 20, 2021, at 3:30 pm over on the Kentico Xperience YouTube channel as we dive deeper into migrating from Portal Engine to the MVC development model.

See you in the chat! 😉

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