Build a Portal Engine Widget in MVC

Build a Portal Engine Widget in MVC

Apr 18, 2019
Build a Portal Engine Widget in MVC

How many Portal Engine widgets are you using in your projects? Now that Kentico is moving towards MVC and your editors are in love with the drag&drop stuff, what are you going to do? Will you need to spend weeks reimplementing everything to MVC? What does it really take to create an MVC widget?

MVC is the recommended development model for new websites on Kentico 12. It brings many benefits such as better performance, simpler code base, modular NuGet packages, easier CI, and many others.

Because the technology behind MVC is completely different than WebForms, we had to implement a brand new way for editors to compose their pages. All the experience we gained over many years of working with content we've put into a brand new feature - Page Builder.

Page Builder enables editors to use drag&drop functionality and widgets like they were used to in Portal Engine. However, the UI performs much faster, enables real-time preview and inline editor to adjust the output of any widget without opening dialog windows. The actual implementation of widgets is a set of very simple files. No database registrations, no property definitions in the CMS, everything happens in the code. That way it's easily trackable and maintainable.

Sound good? Learn how to port a former Portal Engine widget to MVC.

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