Expanding Kentico Know-How Thursdays

Expanding Kentico Know-How Thursdays

Apr 5, 2018
Expanding Kentico Know-How Thursdays

It has been now over ten months of having a dedicated Kentico category on our blog so we can help marketers achieve more with Kentico EMS. Our blog has matured a lot since then, and we have reached the point at which we feel confident that we can extend its focus even further.

The original idea of the Kentico category and the Kentico Know-How tag was to make it easier for marketers to find additional tips and tricks on using the Online Marketing features in Kentico EMS. We wanted to show how certain challenges can be addressed and solved, and to ignite your imagination on what can be achieved in Kentico EMS.

Throughout the whole period, we have resisted the temptation to extend this Kentico category to an even greater level.

However, as it is probably written in our DNA and the world around us, evolution is the way forward. Therefore, we have decided to fully release the brakes, and even allow other interesting topics to become a part of the Kentico Know-How Thursdays.

As you can surely sense where this is going, let me make it official: From now on, Kentico Thursdays (the Kentico category) will be all about Kentico. We will share with you company news, tips, tricks, and know-how about Kentico CMS/EMS, sprinkle it with Kentico Cloud topics, and welcome both developer and marketing focused minds onboard.

Kentico Thursdays are going to transform into a place where you can find inspiration on how to deal with well-distilled challenges on your mission to deliver a successful Kentico project as a developer, a successful marketing campaign as a marketer, or maybe win the next SOTY ;)

Nevertheless, it doesn’t have to be just us talking here. Actually, we would love to hear what you as a client/partner have to say, and what your aces up the sleeves are. Is there a useful Kentico trick or tip you would like to share with our Kentico Know-How readers? Have you found a neat solution to an interesting challenge that you would love others to hear about?

Well, then you are more than welcome to join the club. You can write to us directly at blog@kentico.com for more details or if you are an existing partner, you can visit our Partner Portal.

Either way, fasten your seatbelts as we are taking off toward an even greater range of Kentico-related topics on Thursdays!

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