GDPR’s Right to Access in Kentico 11

GDPR’s Right to Access in Kentico 11

Nov 16, 2017
GDPR’s Right to Access in Kentico 11

If any of your website visitors (or customers) asked you to provide them with all the data you had collected about them so far, what would be your first thought? Would it feel like an easy thing to do, or rather something quite complex, as you would need to gather all the sources and make sure you didn’t miss anything out?

It is no more a secret that when GDPR comes into effect, our digital lives within the EU will receive a privacy boost. And by boost, I mean a massive one!

Up until now, there hasn’t been such a strict EU-wide law forcing businesses within (and even outside of) the EU to take so much care when dealing with our data as the GDPR demands. Yes, there have been companies acting responsibly and fairly, but there have also been many that simply do not care at all.

Furthermore, the new legislation brings some serious overheads, and if not prepared well, it could take you by surprise, literally hitting you like a tsunami! Unless, of course, you are willing to lose up to 4% of your annual worldwide turnover or €20M…

Plus, time is also not on your side, as you need to be fast and answer every request within 30 days or risk facing that financially painful penalty.

Let’s Surf the Wave!

But it doesn’t have to be so bad. Even though some extra work will always be necessary and unavoidable, there are ways to make the whole GDPR compliance process easier, and allow you faster responses to those “curious” visitors willing to find out what you know about them so far.

Fortunately for you, we have a surfboard to help you ride that GDPR wave! As everybody knows, surfing waves is way more fun than just paddling in them!

If you have read my previous blog post on GDPR consents in Kentico 11, you should already know about our new Data Protection application we created in Kentico 11 to help you streamline GDPR processes. If you haven’t read the blog post yet, well, you’ve just found out about it (and feel free to read it)!

The Data Protection application can be a great help in many GDPR scenarios, but let’s focus on the GDPR’s right to access.

As soon as you have an email address of the person requesting data access, you can go to the Data Protection application and retrieve all data that has been gathered by the Kentico system. If properly implemented, it can include data from third-party systems and integrations as well. Then it is up to you and your company’s internal guidelines what to do further with such data.

Let’s watch this video to get a better idea of how it works in Kentico 11:

So, what do you think? Do you see the light at the end of the tunnel? Let us know in the comments! The topic of GDPR is one that is dear to our hearts. Check out some of the critical points you should be addressing here.

DISCLAIMER: All data and information provided in this blog post are for informational purposes only. Kentico makes no representations as to the accuracy, completeness, currentness, suitability, or validity of any information contained herein. We recommend consulting with a lawyer for any legal advice pertaining to GDPR compliance.

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