Get a Little Know-How with Kentico Thursdays

Get a Little Know-How with Kentico Thursdays

Jun 15, 2017
Get a Little Know-How with Kentico Thursdays

Welcome to the Kentico Know-How Thursdays, the place where Kentico marketers can learn more about Kentico features and how to use them in real-world scenarios. 

It has already been a few months since we launched Kentico Blog and we have been publishing interesting blog posts on topics from the fields of digital marketing, development, UX, and cloud.

Today, it is my great pleasure to announce that we are expanding our blog with Kentico Know-How Thursdays, a series of blog posts aimed at marketers that want to use Kentico for their digital marketing efforts.

Why Kentico Know-How Thursdays?

The Kentico EMS customer base is expanding quickly, and the good news is marketers use Kentico features to perform their marketing activities more than ever. But this also creates more demand for materials that help Kentico marketers achieve their marketing goals with Kentico features.  

After talking to Kentico subject matter experts, we found out that we have an incredible amount of knowledge that we can be sharing with you when it comes to digital marketing. Not only this, we know what Kentico marketers usually struggle with and which topics they are mostly interested in. And thanks to working closely with our Kentico partners, we know how the most experienced Kentico customers use our features to create amazing digital experiences. Moreover, we use Kentico for our own marketing activities, such as lead nurturing, email marketing, and website optimization, so a lot of our knowledge comes from there too.

So... why not put our experience out there so you can all benefit from it! After all, we want you to be successful with our product.

This Is What You Can Look Forward To

Every Thursday, we will publish one blog post focused on different topics from Kentico Online Marketing, such as marketing automation, content personalization, or contact segmentation. You can look forward to real-life examples, case studies, best practices, how-to videos, and in-depth guides addressing the challenges you might experience when running your marketing activities in Kentico.

Comment and Discuss

You might have noticed there is an online discussion under each blog post. We would be happy for any comments or questions you may have in regards to the topic we just explained in the blog post.

So let’s try it now… let me know what you think about our Kentico Know-How Thursdays and what topics you would like to learn more about. We may choose your topic and write a blog post about it in the future! 

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