How to Leverage Kentico and Microsoft Azure for Business Growth

How to Leverage Kentico and Microsoft Azure for Business Growth

Jun 3, 2019
Director, Content and Channel Marketing
How to Leverage Kentico and Microsoft Azure for Business Growth

At Kentico, we have maintained a clear vision from the beginning: to provide the best way of working with content so that people can tell stories that change the world. To continue to provide customers with optimal digital project implementation and roll-out for growth, we commissioned London Research to examine the experience of clients and agencies using Kentico hosted in Microsoft Azure.

Cloud-Hosted Web Content Management, Online Marketing, and E-commerce Capabilities

There’s little doubt that choosing to deploy digital projects in Microsoft Azure can result in better functionality, scalability, flexibility, and increased profit. A leader in building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services since its formation in 2008, it’s no surprise that Azure is one of the go-to platforms for businesses looking to host their web content management, online marketing, and e-commerce solutions.

In 2011, Kentico became the first CMS to be certified for Microsoft Azure. Offering ease of a single installation, Kentico can help get any mid-sized business up and running in Azure without the hassle of extra code. Kentico supports many Azure website services on offer from Microsoft Cloud, meaning you will not feel limited by the architecture and design of your applications. Quite the opposite in fact, Kentico in Azure brings greater speed and ease of use, getting projects live in record time so that you can see a faster return. Perfect for digital agencies looking to better support their customers, and clients alike, some other impressive features include:

  • Application insights for ASP.NET Apps assisting you in the detection and diagnosis of performance issues
  • The ability to run Load Testing, giving you a better understanding of the performance and characteristics of your application under more strenuous operating conditions
  • The flexibility of economies of scale with schedule and rule-based auto-scaling, as well as natively-supported Azure CDN geo-redundant storage
  • A near-zero maintenance Azure SQL Database
  • A rich set of tools, such as Azure DevOps, Azure Mobile Apps, Logic Apps, and API Apps
  • and much more!

A New Report – The Business Case for Kentico in Microsoft Azure

Recently we sought to better understand the advantages of moving Kentico to Azure. We commissioned London Research to look specifically at three categories; direct financial improvements, customer experiences, and other anticipated benefits, such as the ability of the platform to facilitate future growth.

As a result, London Research evaluated the impact of moving to Kentico in Azure across four criteria:

  1. Ease of Implementation
  2. Ease of updating
  3. Operational benefits
  4. Future-proofing the business

The full report can be accessed here.

Success for Digital Agencies

The qualitative feedback helped us to better understand the individual benefits and experiences of using Kentico in Azure. Some of the feedback included:

“I think customers get a much faster response, and it helps us gain new customers as we expand” - agency co-owner and software architect.

We’ve all been through awful deployments – it’s not the case here. It’s totally automated – the system builds, tests and deploys the application and content without any human intervention. Each server is individually rotated out of the load balancer for deployment, so there is no downtime” - chief marketing officer, US agency.

Immediately after the new site launched using Kentico in Azure, site traffic was up by 11% due to SEO improvements and has continued to climb.” - digital agency.

Full case studies are available in the report.


The report highlights multiple positive outcomes from moving Kentico to Azure and is designed to help others evaluate the benefits for themselves. In a nutshell, interviewees who took part in the research experienced an improvement in project set up and implementation, ease of operations, and long term cost savings. To find out more, get your free copy of the report.

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