Kentico 12 - Features You Might Have Missed

Kentico 12 - Features You Might Have Missed

Dec 6, 2018
Kentico 12 - Features You Might Have Missed

Our latest version of Kentico EMS is out, and we were covering Kentico 12 features in our series of articles for quite some time so that the most visible features of our best digital marketing solution are easy to spot. In this blog, however, I would like to touch on additional bits and pieces that add to Kentico 12 greatness, and why you shouldn’t miss them.

Inline Editors

Our MVC Page Builder allows your marketers and content editors to intuitively adjust the content of your website. But can this fluent experience be improved even more?

Well, in the case of the Page Builder, each of its widgets can be enhanced with an Inline Editor. Inline Editors make it super easy for content editors to configure widgets with just one click. For example, this is how they can be used for changing the color of the widget:

Inline Editors can be used virtually for any type of widget configuration, and it is up to your development team to discuss the needs with your content editors, so they can be matched with perfectly tailored Inline Editors.

Limiting Widgets

Flexibility is a great thing but usability is important too. That’s why we made sure that your developers can limit the widget selection per each editable area so that content editors and marketers can quickly pick the right widgets listed for that section:

This way, your developers can relax knowing that content editors can place only compatible widgets into editable areas of the page, keeping the generated HTML output intact.

Widget Sections

Oftentimes, marketers need more than just a selection of widgets that they can choose from when placing them into editable areas. Especially when designing the landing pages, they want to have greater control over the layout of the editable area into which they place the selected widgets.

That’s why Kentico 12 allows your team to let marketers create sections, which can be of any layout type:

Whether your marketers need to create one, two, or more-column layouts, sections have them covered.

MVC Installer

With MVC being the preferred development model in Kentico 12, we have ensured that the installation of the MVC-powered projects is a breeze. We automated what could be automated, simplified what could be simplified, and provided you with the Kentico installer that lets you install and manage Kentico MVC projects with ease.

With just a few clicks, you can install our Dancing Goat MVC sample site, and start discovering Kentico 12’s MVC potential right away, or just install a blank MVC site and start developing from scratch with the great help of our MVC documentation.

We want you to focus on the implementation of your digital project rather than on never-ending configuration. Therefore, we simplified the installation as much as possible.

E-commerce Business API

Time is money, and that is especially true for e-shops. Therefore, when you are going to create yet another awesome online shopping experience, we want you to spend more time thinking about the actual customer experience, and less time on coding it.

So we simplified our E-commerce API, and reduced the number of methods needed for a seamless e-commerce experience. Methods are now more straightforward and easy to understand, resulting in fewer lines of code, and allowing faster deployment of the solution.

Push Your Projects Further

I am sure you can imagine how all these smaller features are adding nicely to the overall strength of Kentico 12 and giving your team greeater freedom to be creative again.

So, get ready to unlock your team’s potential with Kentico 12, and feel free to visit our blog, DevNet, MVC Transition Guide, and Documentation!

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