Kentico Awarded High Performer in G2 Grid for Web Content Management

Kentico Awarded High Performer in G2 Grid for Web Content Management

Apr 30, 2019
Kentico Awarded High Performer in G2 Grid for Web Content Management

We are super pleased to announce that Kentico has been recognized as a Spring 2019 High Performer for Web Content Management (WCM) in the small business segment on G2 Crowd. As G2 Crowd is a user review website, we take this recognition as an endorsement from the people that matter most, our users.

Users Endorse Kentico

To see Kentico ranking so highly based on users’ reviews means a lot to us. Their comments and assessments not only serve as confirmation that EMS is helping them achieve their digital business goals, but their feedback also helps other companies and individuals seeking a new CMS evaluate our offering as a good fit for them too.

G2 Crowd Grid® for Web Content Management

Unbiased Feedback

The G2 Grid® for Web Content Management reflects the features, pricing and usability of software on the WCM landscape. Acceptance criteria for inclusion on the grid assures that the solution must:

  • Provide web-based editing and publishing capabilities for text, image, audio, and video files
  • Offer templates for content creation
  • Allow collaboration and approval for content creation

G2 Crowd invites validated users of WCM solutions to evaluate the solutions they are using based on the features they like/dislike most, recommendations about consideration, the business problems they were hoping to solve by using it, and additional benefits they have experienced. This well-rounded and unbiased assessment provides an in-depth overview that can help assessors in their selection of a WCM that best suits their business needs. This not only speeds up the short-listing process, but it adds an authenticity based on reviews readers can trust.

So, I will leave the final words to our reviewer, Dimitris R: “The ease of use and the out-of-the-box feature set distinguishes Kentico from other CMS solutions. A great set of functionalities are available without the use of coding. They can be added on templates and can provide a rich set of features on pages/templates.”

High praise indeed!

Don’t forget to check out our whitepaper on “The Four Key Checklists for Choosing Your CMS Solution” for additional support in your CMS selection process.

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