Maximize your marketing with a modernized DXP

Maximize your marketing with a modernized DXP

Nov 5, 2020
VP Marketing, Kentico Xperience
Maximize your marketing with a modernized DXP

Having a future-proof digital experience platform (DXP) powering your marketing is not an option. It’s a necessity to accelerate it. Read on to find out why! 

It’s no surprise that this year has been a rollercoaster for most businesses due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Many have had to adjust their processes, reallocate budget, and navigate their way through a big market shift. Some have found opportunities in the midst of chaos, with 92% of marketers saying the changes they’ve made during the pandemic will continue in the way they operate in the future. If you’re one of the many that have made changes, have they included reviewing the technology that’s powering your marketing? If not, why not? 

The future is in technology 

Future-proofing your MarTech stack is a no-brainer. As you start planning your marketing activities for next year, you should be thinking about your current set up and what you can do with technology to maximize your marketing efforts and resources.  

Because if you don’t, you’re not going to meet your objectives, deliver value to customers, and contribute to the overall growth of the business you’re in.

If you’ve not done so already, it’s time to reassess and adjust your MarTech stack. Fast. If you don’t have a digital experience platform (DXP) in place, I challenge you to reconsider your options. According to Gartner, to meet customers’ growing expectations, adopting a DXP is an urgent necessity for organizations! 

How can Kentico Xperience help? 

Kentico Xperience is the award-winning DXP that combines content management, digital marketing, and digital commerce. Marketers and developers can leverage tons of features to meet their customers' needs now and for the future.

In our recent virtual online Kentico Xperience Connection event, Dominik Pinter, VP Product, shared the future of Kentico Xperience and the importance of DXPs. You can watch the full recording now:

Modernizing Kentico Xperience

Dominik Pintér, VP Product

Three key takeaways to note: 

1. Make sure you have the right tools for the right occasion 

It happens more than would be healthy that organizations acquire marketing tools that they use just once or those that do not deliver the results they were bought for. Similarly, a lot of acquired platforms have a lot of features that are never used. They seem sexy while evaluating the platform, but you never really get down to using them.

As a marketing leader, you should do your homework and spend time evaluating the effectiveness of your marketing technology investments and its ROI. “How often will we use this tool?” “How easy is to use it?” “Does this tool really help us, or does it just create additional workload?”, and more questions like that should be answered by your team.

It's the same way we think about the future of our DXP, Kentico Xperience, and our own marketing efforts.

2. It is time to modernize for the future

We know that web content management (WCM) is no longer enough to meet customer needs. We, alongside industry analysts like Gartner and Forrester, have been saying it for a while. That’s why Kentico is focused on delivering the best DXP platform for you and your customers.

Following the release of Kentico Xperience 13, a key part of our strategy is to move towards a new technology stack. The latest release brings a new way to develop projects using ASP.NET Core MVC technology and a whole lot of features and improvements. It makes it even easier for businesses to accelerate their digital communication and time to market with: 

  • A future-proof web framework with industry-leading performance that provides better load times, increased control over code, and simplified deployment with the ASP.NET Core MVC framework.    
  • Best-of-breed Marketing Automation enabling marketers to easily execute automated workflows that streamline communication processes, increase customer engagement, and improve marketing performance.  
  • Platform enhancements including new page type features, Search, Dynamic Routing, and more, which boost productivity and reduce developer resources.   
  • Reusable Content that saves time by allowing editors to create pages, sections, and more by reusing existing content.   
  • Kentico Toolkit for third-party platforms designed to speed up development and empower marketers using Kentico Xperience.  
  • Integrations with voice assistants Amazon Alexa and Google Home to control the administration interface. 

In the next version, we will continue to build on customer feedback, align ourselves to the market, and when it comes to the technology behind the product, plan to rewrite the administration interface to .NET Core completely.  

With these changes and more to come over the next three to five years, businesses can rest assured that Kentico Xperience will be a staple, future-proof part of any marketing team.  

3. Embrace the best next-generation DXP for businesses worldwide 

The future of Kentico Xperience is not just in the rewrite of the admin interface to .NET Core. It’s clear that the changing needs of the market warrants a DXP backed by modern technology and features that will make life easier for marketers.

It’s about building the right tools to drive digital transformation with superior user experience and a focus on a low code/no-code product that empowers marketing teams, reducing their reliance on developers. You can expect even more from Kentico Xperience as we assess our current automation and analytics capabilities, with a view to build upon those and other core capabilities.

The future roll-out of the product is also changing, with Kentico Xperience moving towards a cloud-first solution with a SaaS offering and interactive approach with fast release cycles so you can deliver value quickly to customers. Stay tuned for our next release next year! 

Try Kentico Xperience now

If this article has made you think about or question (even a little bit) your current set up, you’d benefit from a chat with one of our DXP experts. Schedule a quick call at a time that suits you to find out how you can really maximize your marketing with a modernized DXP.  

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