Service Pack for Kentico 12 - Additional Features for Your Project

Service Pack for Kentico 12 - Additional Features for Your Project

Nov 29, 2018
Service Pack for Kentico 12 - Additional Features for Your Project

We are happy to have released our best all-in-one CMS, E-commerce, and Online Marketing solution ever—Kentico 12. With massive support for the MVC development model, marketers and developers can truly unlock their potential. However, we don’t stop there. Instead, more features are coming your way in the form of a Service Pack! Let’s discover them in this article.

You heard all the drums and fanfares being played as Kentico 12 was released, didn’t you? Ok, maybe you didn’t, and I just got a bit too excited there, but the truth is that Kentico 12 brings many great improvements to the table of MVC-based Kentico 12 web development. The improvements are not only developer friendly but also exciting for marketers and content editors. 

With Kentico 12, your team is equipped with everything they need to create their next successful project that is fully leveraging the MVC development model. 

With a seamless MVC site installation, simplified E-commerce API, MVC Page Builder for intuitive content creation, and the MVC Form Builder that allows building Smart Forms, the whole website implementation story just goes to another level. 

But is there anything else that your team might need on their quest for the perfect customer experience? 

Well, there is always something that can make the whole experience even better. 

That’s why we are already working on additional features that will make your team even happier. 

These features will be delivered in the form of a Service Pack that will be as easy to apply as our hotfixes are. No breaking changes, just a seamless update that will extend Kentico 12’s capabilities even further.  

An average web development project takes from four to five months to be finished. It is unique per project, but more or less, that’s the typical case. 

Then, when the website is live, marketers come on stage. They want to ensure that pages are optimized to their maximum potential, and cannot wait to start testing their latest campaign ideas. 

And that’s exactly where our Service Pack for Kentico 12 comes in! 

A/B Testing 

Thanks to the Service Pack, your marketers will be able to A/B test live pages on your MVC-powered websites and optimize them with ease. 

The A/B testing will be as intuitive as the MVC Page Builder, so that marketers can run multiple A/B tests across the website, gather data, analyze it, and see quickly what works and what doesn’t. 

The potential of the pages is unleashed! 

Landing Pages 

Ask your marketers about their landing pages, and you will soon realize that they take them as their state-of-art creations. The copy is just perfect, images the exactly right ones, and the whole layout of the page is proven to drive so many clicks to that perfectly named CTA button that the server might not even cope with the amount of clicks! Ok, web farms save the day, so this will never happen, right? :) 

So, long story short, the Service Pack will give your marketers an easy way to create landing pages based on templates, adjust their appearance quickly with MVC Widgets, and go live with the latest campaign in minutes! 

Nice and Short URLs 

Search engines and online visitors demand short and understandable URLs. They don’t care about a deeply nested landing page or product page in your content structure. So, unless you really want to show off to your audience how all 50 levels of your content tree are structured, you want to use only nice and short URLs in your Kentico 12 MVC project. 

With the Service Pack applied, your developers and marketers will be able to create such nice URLs directly in the administration interface with just a few clicks and keystrokes! 

It Is Coming Soon 

The Service Pack is on its way and will reach the public doorstep before this summer. As there will be no breaking changes, it will be easy to apply. So, when your team finishes the MVC project implementation and goes live, your marketers will have the functionality for the optimization of the live site there. 

Nevertheless, we would love to hear from you regarding the upcoming features in the Service Pack. If you have any comments about any of them, or feel like there is something else that should be addressed, please go ahead and send us an email directly to 

And if you cannot wait to see the latest Kentico 12 in action, watch the recording of our Kentico 12 webinar where our product guys take you through the all smart features!

Do you fancy even more information on what a Kentico EMS future holds? Check out the video below where our Product Owner Michal Kadak explains it further:

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