When editing scheduled emails gets complicated

When editing scheduled emails gets complicated

Mar 19, 2020
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When editing scheduled emails gets complicated

Here's a pro-tip from our Support Team experts to you: how to edit scheduled marketing emails. If you know what we're talking about, you've likely faced this dilemma, so read on for the solution. And if you're not sure why you might need help with scheduled emails, well... read on, too!

As an email marketer, you likely plan your marketing emails long in advance.

You get your email copy prepared, add some nice graphics, schedule to send it at some specific time in the future, and forget about it. And you feel safe because you know that with Kentico, sending the email is a piece of cake.

The next day, you feel something is off. It’s that pesky voice in the back of your head that’s telling you, “Check on that email! Just check it.”

You give up, open the email, and – Ouch! Your scheduled email has an embarrassing typo in the subject line.

Now what?

How Kentico schedules emails

When you hit the Save schedule button in the Send tab of a marketing email, the email becomes read-only. In other words, nobody can edit the email’s content or adjust recipients.

In the background, Kentico creates a system scheduled task that will run at the specified time.

Once Kentico schedules the emails, you can do only two things: change the scheduled time or delete the entire email.

What if you need to change the content of your email, like fixing that embarrassing typo? Or replacing an image with a much better one? Or updating the price of the promoted product?

And what if you decide that you no longer want to send this email at all?

How to delete scheduled tasks

Head to the Scheduled Tasks application and delete the related task.


With the task gone, Kentico won’t send the email.

However, deleting the task isn’t the solution. In the Email Marketing application, the email remains read-only with a Scheduled status, which means you can’t edit its content.

Quick fix: Trash the scheduled email

Time for the almighty delete again. Hit the trash bin and delete your scheduled email.

Day saved! Time to treat yourself.

But wait, what? So if you want to fix a tiny little thing like a typo, you need to create a whole new email from scratch? That’s not cool.

Hold on! With Kentico, there’s always a way.

Handle the scheduled email like a pro

Kentico allows you to clone any email. Cloning creates a copy of the email and gives it a Draft status. This new email has all the email widgets and content in place, which means you don’t have to recreate every email from scratch. Cool, right?

And cloning has your back even with scheduled emails! Clone the scheduled email, fix the typo, and schedule it again.


Job well done!

Delete the original scheduled email

When you create your clone, don’t forget to delete the original email. You have already scheduled a new one and don’t want Kentico to also send the old email. Remember that deleting the email also cancels the original system scheduled task.

Kentico help you work smart

And that’s it! You now know how to update an email even when you’ve already scheduled it for sending. It’s not hard to fix at all, but it’s extra work, so double-check every email before sending it out.

And thanks to Daniel Merta for inspiring this article!

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