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A Kentico Gold partner, [A] simplifies complex technology for agencies and institutional clients on the Kentico platform.

[A] Kentico developers have experience with 15+ larger implementations over 5+ years. [A] content engineers plan, and orchestrate complex customer experience management (CEM) implementations across multiple desktop and mobile channels. Often the projects involve integrations with CRM, marketing automation, ERP, and other external systems using customer content APIs.

[A] performs related Kentico consulting, application development, architecture and strategy engagements.

Healthcare, government, non-profit, education, enterprise, and public sector entities look to [A] to plan, support and manage content marketing platforms, systems and technologies.

[A] also provides content engineering training, CMS support, custom development, managed infrastructure services, and analytics.

Visit simplea.com, email info@simplea.com or call us at 512-646-2100.

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