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About P1 Technology Partners

Our mission is simple – we make work smart.

We’re a results company that helps clients to work smarter by implementing Cloud Computing, Developing Applications or operating in more Mobile and Flexible ways.

The rise of Cloud Computing and the Mobile Internet brings significant opportunities for forward thinking businesses. We work around the UK and beyond with those making things happen, showing them what’s possible, then bridging the gap between vision and reality and helping them get it done.

Our knowledge, services and innovations empower people with technology that makes things easier and lets them get on with what they do best.

Our team has a real diversity of skills and knowledge. We have enormous experience in all things IT combined with specific experience in finance, manufacturing, the NHS, local government, transport and logistics, retail, leisure, oil & gas and the not-for-profit sectors.

We really excel in the kinds of challenging IT environments that involve distributed people or assets, remote locations or high volumes of transactions.

Expertise in Cloud, Mobile Working, Application Development and a range of hardware including mobile phones and terminals allows us to implement best-fit solutions that provide tangible performance benefits to our clients.

We are at the forefront of everything from mobile communications to supply chain software.

Our special strength lies in working with businesses that are entrepreneurial and growing today, ambitious to be the large businesses of tomorrow. We understand the issues faced by growing companies as IT becomes ever more important to commercial success, and we believe we have a powerful contribution to make.

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