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RBN Tech

This partner has been inactive for quite some time. If you would like to search for more Kentico partners, please go to Partner page.
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Kentico is one of the main directions of RBN Tech business. Our business with Kentico consists of two ways: web-site development and add-ons development.
Currently developed add-ons for Kentico: the advertisement module that cast your web-site for complete advertisement platform; and some little free of charge components.
As Russian company, RBN Tech give much attention to Kentico advancing in Russia. We have the blog (in Russian and English), which contains (with some other) materials about Kentico development. Moreover, we are ready to consult about using Kentico and purchasing Kentico in Russia.
Customers of RBN Tech are not only Russian persons, but persons and companies from Hong Kong, Israel, England, and Australia and so on…
We look forward to deal with you…

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