Increase conversion rates with A/B testing

Create and test multiple variations of your pages to identify those that work. Pick segments to include in the tests and set conversion goals. Let Kentico Xperience monitor conversion rates and choose the best-performing variant.

Leverage integrated A/B and multivariate testing.

Test multiple variations of your web pages or marketing emails with the same interface you use for content creation.  Set up a test without leaving the page you are working on. Define test metrics, including visitor segments, conversion goals, and traffic sources, and start testing the variants you want promptly. 

Get started with no technical skills.

Manage, analyze, and run tests with no technical skills. Test different elements of your web pages or marketing emails and set the conditions you want to assess. Let the platform monitor how variants are performing and analyze the results from different time stamps.

Analyze real-time reports and statistics.

Track the impact of your tests on user behavior with real-time reports. Let Kentico Xperience automatically monitor the best performing variants, calculate the chance of the new test beating the original, and improve the conversion count. After selecting a winner, the original variant is automatically replaced, and previous tests are archived, enabling you to retrieve previous insights.

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Key analytics features

A/B Testing

Create and test multiple variations of your pages to identify those that work.


Web Analytics

Track data, access real-time statistics, and gain insights using multiple metrics.



Analyze your performance with ready-made, customizable reports, or create new ones according to your needs.