Create structured content. Use it anywhere

Manage different content types from articles and blog posts to complex product catalogs. Focus on creating content, and don’t lose time designing pages. Create structured content you can reuse across multiple sites, in your mobile app, or an email campaign.

Structure different pages with ease. 

Define the structure for specific page types. Design data-entry forms to capture text, images, media files, and other assets, with no coding needed. Customize the layout of the data-entry form using a form designer with a large variety of fields and data types. Or create custom ones. 

Reuse structured content.

Increase productivity and save time by displaying information in multiple ways and on multiple channels using an SEO safe approach. Structured content is stored separately from the design as Kentico Xperience stores data in relational data tables that provide high performance, data consistency, easy querying, and integrations.

Determine usage for content types.

Intuitively create new pages and keep your website structure consistent by determining which types of content can be created under specific sections or pages of your website and how. 

Try the Xperience

Beat the competition and start delivering results with the only digital experience platform that combines advanced capabilities, a short time to value, and ease of use.

Key content management features

Page Builder

Design pages using a drag-and-drop interface. Use widgets and personalize content of any size and type.

Structured Content

Manage different content types and create structured content you can reuse across multiple sites and channels.


Digital Asset Management

Create media libraries to store images, music, videos, PDFs, presentations, and more, and display them in various channels.


Multilingual Content

Manage websites in any number of languages. Display relevant language versions and stay on top of translated pages.


Workflows and Versioning

Define workflow steps to track, manage, and approve content throughout the content lifecycle.


Multi-site Management

Manage multiple websites from a single platform and share content, data, code, and credentials across them.

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