Comply with GDPR and other data protection regulations

Comply with the strictest data protection regulations, including the GDPR, PII, or CCPA. Kentico Xperience effortlessly handles the right to access, data portability, and the right to be forgotten. Keep track of consents and let your visitors update their privacy settings.

Map data flow.

Don’t worry about the difficulty that comes with mapping the flow of data. Whenever you need to find data to comply with regulations such as the GDPR or anything else, Kentico Xperience’s extensive documentation makes it easier for you to locate data and navigate to what you need.

Manage consents with ease.

Take advantage of integrated consent management, and create, store, update, or archive consents in the Data Protection app with ease. Keep track of consents and display them to website visitors where needed using widgets and form controls.

Handle the right to access.

Deal with data protection rights such as the right to access, as required by GDPR and other international data regulations. With the ability to access all data from one point, you no longer need to worry about the difficult and lengthy process of gathering data from different sources.

Handle the right to be forgotten.

Respond to demands for personal data deletion from your visitors with ease. With Kentico Xperience, you can selectively delete relevant data and comply with the strict deadlines imposed by GDPR and other international data protection regulations.

Simple data portability.

Kentico Xperience provides personal data in a machine-readable format and allows you to export personal information and import it to another system easily.

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Key customer data platform features

Contact Management

Get a holistic view of your customers and use customer data to deliver a personalized experience.

Activity Tracking

Discover how your visitors and customers interact with content on your website, email, or online store.



Segment contacts using a full range of collected data and leverage segments in all your digital initiatives.


Lead Scoring

Create lead scoring rules that combine demographics and behaviors to qualify your prospective clients automatically.



Define personas, monitor how they perform over time, and give visitors a personalized experience across channels.


Data Protection

Comply with data protection regulations, such as GDPR, PII, or CCPA.


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