Segment audiences to deliver the right message

Collect data and segment contacts into different groups for all your digital initiatives to deliver highly relevant content, boosting visitor engagement and conversion rates.

Segment audiences with ease.

With out-of-the-box segmentation in Kentico Xperience, you can easily define customer segments through the user-friendly visual interface. Set up multiple segmentation conditions using customer data from various channels. Let the platform automatically add visitors and customers to the segment, regularly checking if new ones fulfill the segmentation conditions.

Unlock unlimited segmentation possibilities.

Segment your data in various ways using demographics, context, and behaviors. Or create custom conditions using macros to segment data according to your needs. 

Leverage segmentation across channels.

Send marketing emails and newsletters or run marketing automation processes targeting specific segments. Deliver engaging, personalized experiences by displaying different content to website visitors. Plus, you can incorporate existing segmentation from your own CRM or ERP. 

Try the Xperience

Beat the competition and start delivering results with the only digital experience platform that combines advanced capabilities, a short time to value, and ease of use.

Key customer data platform features

Contact Management

Get a holistic view of your customers and use customer data to deliver a personalized experience.

Activity Tracking

Discover how your visitors and customers interact with content on your website, email, or online store.



Segment contacts using a full range of collected data and leverage segments in all your digital initiatives.


Lead Scoring

Create lead scoring rules that combine demographics and behaviors to qualify your prospective clients automatically.



Define personas, monitor how they perform over time, and give visitors a personalized experience across channels.


Data Protection

Comply with data protection regulations, such as GDPR, PII, or CCPA.


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