Deliver content anywhere with a headless API

Publish content easily to any channel with a powerful headless API layer. Kentico Xperience offers a high-performance REST API enhanced with a global CDN network. Make your content highly available at no time anywhere in the world. Create stunning digital experiences using modern JavaScript frameworks, and speed up development with SDKs for all major languages.

Publish easily to any channel.

Create and manage content in Kentico Xperience and deliver it to a mobile app, social media, chatbot, and more with a highly-available cloud service and a global Content Delivery Network. Publish your content automatically or at a specific point in time with scheduled publishing.

Go headless effortlessly.

Leverage the Kentico Xperience synchronization module or create your own content migration process to the headless API layer. Save time with a broad selection of SDKs for popular programming languages when connecting your applications. 

Deliver content via a built-in CDN.

Make your content available anywhere in the world in no time with a global Content Delivery Network powered by Fastly. Leverage a Delivery API and restrict the access to your content with a secure API key, if needed.

Ensure high availability for your content.

Boost performance with an always-on headless API layer that runs on Microsoft Azure infrastructure. Choose to store your content in a data center in Europe, the United States, or in Australia.

Try the Xperience

Beat the competition and start delivering results with the only digital experience platform that combines advanced capabilities, a short time to value, and ease of use.

Key platform features

Scalability and Performance

Deliver high-performance websites with the latest ASP.NET technology.


MVC Development

Speed up development with ASP.NET Core MVC and make marketers more productive with widgets.


Deployment Tools

Benefit from straightforward deployment and server maintenance. Create and synchronize multiple environments effortlessly.



Eliminate threats and secure your websites. Stay protected with Anti-CSRF tokens and create multiple security layers.


Cloud Deployment

Deploy your websites in the cloud.


Headless API

Publish content to any channel with a powerful headless API layer.


Extensibility and Customization

Extend the platform with your code. Add custom functionality and customize the user interface to fit specific use cases.


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