Marketing excellence

This professional consulting service helps you improve your proficiency with Xperience's digital marketing features, campaigns, and activities, such as Content Personalization, A/B Testing, and Marketing Automation.

The details

After you purchase consulting credits, we'll schedule a meeting to review your project goals. We then propose meetings and topics to address them. The consultant reviews the work, answers questions, and creates solution examples. Whether you need 60 minutes or ten days, we can help.


When you purchase this package, we will:

  • Set up and evaluate your efforts with digital marketing features
  • Advise you on your specific marketing scenarios
  • Assist you in solving specific issues and digital marketing challenges
  • Recommend ways to improve your marketing campaigns
  • Ensure you are leveraging best practices

Ready to go?

Get in touch now to purchase this package. Travel and expenses will be invoiced separately for onsite engagements.