MVC developer starter kit

Ready to build amazing 'xperiences? This starter kit covers everything you need to know about developing websites in Kentico Xperience. Grab a coffee and find out how things work.

MVC replaces Portal Engine

Since version 8, Kentico has supported two different development models, Portal Engine and MVC. The MVC, or Model-View-Controller, offers more flexibility and support for modern technologies, and it is replacing Portal Engine based on the legacy ASP.NET Web Forms. Kentico Xperience 13 will support the MVC development model on .NET MVC and .NET Core.

Are you new to ASP.NET MVC?

Are you migrating a Portal Engine website to MVC?

Get familiar with Xperience.

Learn about supported .NET frameworks.

Developing websites in MVC

Before you start developing your first Xperience website, follow our online training courses and learn best practices and recommended approaches.
  • The Developer tutorial will help you grasp the absolute basics of MVC. You will learn how Xperience stores website content and how you can display it on a live site.
  • The Xperience MVC for developers course will teach you the most important things about implementing a front-end application
    • The Essentials module explains the basics of creating a new application
    • The Builders module shows you how to use Page Builder and Form Builder
    • The Identity module helps you implement user management
  • Xperience customization for developers will teach you how to customize the administration application’s built-in features and create your functionality
  • Finally, go through Kentico Advantage. The project guide covers key concepts and best practices you need to know to navigate the process of building a project on Kentico Xperience. Kentico Advantage presents real-world scenarios to help you with planning, developing, deploying, and maintaining Kentico Xperience.

Short on training time?

If you don't have time to go through the training courses, we suggest you start with the developer tutorial and then investigate resources that introduce advanced features, such as Page Builder and Form Builder.

Page Builder features.

Page Builder’s MVC widgets and sections allow website administrators to edit page content and layouts in a WYSIWYG style. Find out what building pages with the Page Builder looks like this short video.

Building a page with MVC widgets

Check out how easy it is to create a landing page using MVC Widgets in Kentico.

MVC components.

Other resources

You’ve gone through the absolute essentials, and you should now have a basic understanding of what it’s like to develop an MVC website on Kentico Xperience. These resources will help you on your development journey:
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