Pre-upgrade audit

This consulting package helps you identify potential upgrade-related implementation risks. You'll learn project structure standards and customization best practices to avoid a problematic upgrade path.

The details

We'll discuss your project's status. Then, based on this, we'll perform an audit of your website, focusing on project structure and customization. Finally, you'll obtain an assessment listing major upgrade-related issues and recommended ways to address them.


This package can be used before an Xperience upgrade to identify potential pain points. We'll evaluate your implementation against Kentico Xperience standards and give you helpful information on how to avoid upgrade issues. You'll learn:

  • Best practices and recommendations to resolve upgrade related issues
  • How to properly use the Xperience API, customization options, and folder structure
  • Database customization

Ready to go?

Get in touch now to purchase this package. Travel and expenses will be invoiced separately for onsite engagements.