Accelerate Your Agency with a Digital Experience Platform

Accelerate Your Agency with a Digital Experience Platform

Aug 20, 2019
Director, Content and Channel Marketing
Accelerate Your Agency with a Digital Experience Platform

In the world of online experience creation, client demands continue to grow. And rightly so. They know what a competitive market it is out there, and they know they need to be delivering the best customer experience they can if they want that competitive advantage. But how can you as an extension of their in-house marketing team help?

With clients that have a list of features and capabilities a mile long, a deadline that was sometime last week, and a budget that could fit in the center of a Polo mint, how can digital agencies deliver on their expectations, meet their deadline, and stay on budget, all while making a healthy profit and growing as a business?

Enter: the Digital Experience Platform (DXP).

Why the All-In-One Solution Wins the Day

One of the key advantages of choosing a DXP is that it often combines web content management (CMS), digital marketing, and e-commerce capabilities. Top DXPs will offer out-of-the-box integrated features like marketing automation, personas, segmentation, personalization, A/B testing, lead scoring, social integration, web analytics, digital asset management, and translation features.

All included and ready to go.

That’s everything you need to help clients deliver Amazon-class tailored experiences that nurture customers towards life-long advocacy. The very definition of what your clients want and need.

The Catch?

There is none. In case you’re wondering about the level of sophistication each feature would bring, remember: DXPs are mainly designed with one goal in mind: to enable exceptional customer experiences across multiple devices and channels. How many of those fluffy extras in your favorite best-of-breed basket do you never even touch?

Sophisticated doesn’t mean cluttered; it means capable.

Your Clients Will Love You

If your clients are serious about making an impact with personalization, they will consider having a centralized all-in-one platform from which all data is managed, and to which data is returned from all touchpoints essential! One customer profile. No silos.

And when all workflows can be set up at a granular level, and collaboration and versioning tools encourage better and more efficient processes, you’re not just designing an experience builder, you’re improving how their business functions.

Shorter Time to Market

With simple deployment, super support, and one key vendor to concern yourself with, you can spend less time making excuses and fixing problems, and more time making money and building a fab client base.

An accelerated time to market means meeting deadlines while coming in at a competitive price, which means you can take those projects and still make a tidy profit.

Extensible, Scalable, and Robust

Top DXP providers will be able to offer excellent scalability, either within a web farm in the Cloud, and to handle millions of activities, contacts, and visits daily.

And should you find you just can’t live without a piece of third-party technology, well, that’s what the API is for. There really is no compromise with a DXP. It’s customizable, extendable, and can integrate with your must-haves.

Sending Profitability Through the Roof

By eradicating difficult deployments, complex coding, and intricate integrations, a DXP accelerates your time to market, because you’re never starting from zero. You not only meet and beat your client’s expectations, but you give yourself that competitive edge of being able to deliver on time and on budget.

By using an intuitive all-in-one DXP, not only can you reduce time spent handing over to your clients, but you have expanded their capabilities in all areas. They are now empowered to manage their CMS, digital marketing, e-commerce, and online marketing tools without you holding their hand.

And you’re outta there! Barbados, here I come. Hand me my towel.

Ready to Win More Business?

Beat the competition with an all-in-one DXP platform with proven success in the market, like Mazda, Red Cross, Hyundai, Gibson, Twinings, etc. Kentico offers a robust, sophisticated, yet affordable DXP platform with a rich selection of out-of-the-box functionality that shortens your time to market and skyrockets your ROI (and that of your clients).

You can offer clients competitive capabilities through one platform, including marketing automation, social integration, segmentation, personas, personalization, analytics, A/B testing, lead scoring, workflows, versions, asset management, translations, and more! Plus, the customizable code and documented API mean no compromise.

Kentico has more than 1,000 partners and powers over 30,000 websites worldwide, and you can join them through a long-standing Partner Program. The Partner Program includes swift onboarding, comprehensive training, helpful resources, exclusive partner discounts, second-to-none global 24/7 in-house support, a 7-day bug-fix policy, and more.

No other platform is so dedicated to helping agencies succeed. To find out how you can become a Kentico partner, visit our Become a Partner page.

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