Email Builder in Kentico 11 – Part 2

Email Builder in Kentico 11 – Part 2

Dec 14, 2017
Email Builder in Kentico 11 – Part 2

Having the ability to create marketing emails with just a few clicks is a great way to increase your productivity, and gain you (finally!) some extra time to enjoy that cup of coffee (or tea) that you’ve been dreaming about since you woke up this morning. But there is still one missing piece of the puzzle. The whole story wouldn’t be complete without an email personalization!

It’s not a question anymore of whether you should personalize your marketing emails or not. It has been proven, time and again, that personalization is a must. Just the simplest form of personalization, like greeting someone by name, can make a whole lot of difference!

However, email personalization can be quite challenging sometimes. Especially, if you are a fan of the highly personalized experience and like to work with personas. Adjusting an email message in that manner can become a huge overwhelming task that requires more energy than necessary and often makes you want to leave it until the very end.

Wouldn’t it be nice to personalize email content with just a few simple steps? Of course, it would! The email builder in Kentico 11 has been designed exactly with that in mind.

In the following video, I will show you how easy it is to include the personal touch in the marketing emails created in the email builder. Ready? Here it is:

As you can see, there are two approaches to email personalization you can take in the email builder. One of them takes advantage of macros that always start with the word Recipient. They are related to a current email marketing recipient and used to display information about the recipient.

Here is a list of those simple macros:

{% Recipient.FirstName % } -> Displays the first name of the recipient

{% Recipient.LastName % } -> Displays the last name of the recipient

{% Recipient.Email % } -> Displays the email address of the recipient

Remembering them is quite simple, isn’t it? Just think about a recipient and their first name, last name, or email, and you know enough to write the right macro! No big deal.

Nevertheless, as mentioned in the above video, there is yet another way of personalizing marketing emails: Using personas.

The email widgets can be adjusted to display different content (or no content at all) according to the persona into which the email recipient belongs. There are many ways to leverage this option, but one of the basic ones could include displaying a hard-to-resist CTA per each different persona, as you should know their profile better and be able to come up with better call-to-action wording. Let’s be creative and use it to its best potential!

However, there is an important thing to remember about email marketing personalization: You should always think carefully about your audience before you set up a newsletter or email campaign.

In some cases, personalization makes more sense when done already at a newsletter level. Meaning that you would create separate newsletters per specific personas.

In other cases, personalization would be more suitable when done per each email. For example, when you select a different group of recipients per every sent email (so they can be targeted specifically).

And then, finally, using personalization directly in the body of marketing emails. This kind of personalization is definitely the most exciting one as it can be applied across many differently focused recipients and still result in an excellent user experience.

Simply said, whatever your email marketing goal is, your life will get easier with the new email builder in Kentico 11 and its personalization-ready email widgets.

Do you heavily personalize your marketing emails? Let us know in the comments!

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