Extending support for Kentico 12 Portal Engine

Extending support for Kentico 12 Portal Engine

Apr 1, 2020
Extending support for Kentico 12 Portal Engine

As the world continues to come to grips with the terrible situation in which we find ourselves, we, like many others, realize that priorities change and that every little bit can help.

As previously announced and communicated, we are moving to MVC development as the only option for new Kentico projects with the launch of the next major release in September of this year. That will not change. However, we want to ensure that our partners and clients will be able to continue operating as the expected economic crisis unfolds.

We continue to recommend MVC for all new projects and previously communicated that support for Kentico 12 Portal Engine projects will end in 2022. Given the current circumstances, we have decided to extend that support period to 2023 to give partners and clients an extra year to make the move to MVC. It will give all of you a little extra breathing space to deal with changing priorities right now.

In addition, hotfix releases for Kentico 12 Portal Engine were scheduled to end in September with the launch of the next major version of Kentico. However, we have also decided to support this for a further year and will continue to release hotfixes for Kentico 12 Portal Engine until 2021.

The future is MVC

Rest assured, that we are not slowing down in our commitments to deliver on our MVC future. We will introduce .NET Standard assemblies as a NuGet package in September with the next major Kentico release. These can be used for .NET Standard and .NET Core applications as well as to create custom .NET Standard libraries or ASP.NET Core and ASP.NET Core MVC applications connected with Kentico. 

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