Kentico 12 Brings Creative Freedom to Marketers and Developers

Kentico 12 Brings Creative Freedom to Marketers and Developers

Nov 1, 2018
Kentico 12 Brings Creative Freedom to Marketers and Developers

Kentico 12 and its improved MVC-development model opens a variety of ways for innovating faster, and with better-focused teams. But if you don’t know how to leverage these MVC improvements in the most creativity-stirring way, then you might be missing a lot of fun. So, let me show you in this article how, with Kentico 12, you can give your teams the innovative freedom they’ve always wanted.

Humankind has had to deal with all kinds of clashes throughout its history. Some of them where easy and fast to settle, while others demanded time-consuming negotiations, meetings, and compromises to take place before a viable solution was found. And some of them didn’t get solved at all.

How and why does this apply to web development? Because it is the same!

Every website project has its unique purpose, size, and complexity. There are different parties and teams involved in it, each of them having their own agendas, goals, and results to achieve. Everyone wants to get their tasks done as fast as possible. However, there is a catch—cross-team dependency!

The Marketer-vs-Developer Arena

In an ideal world, when someone wants to achieve a specific goal, they can just go for it. In the real world of web development, however, it is more complicated than that.

Two particular web-involved groups are predetermined to have disputes on a nearly daily basis: developers and marketers :)

They both want to be the best at what they do and achieve impressive results. But as their focus is so different, and determination so intense, they can start blocking each other’s progress very easily. Even though it is mostly unintentional, it can drive either side crazy.

Imagine that you are an in-house MVC developer who works on frontend website improvement that will make your company’s website rank much higher in the Google search engine as it follows the latest technical SEO practices recently recommended by Google.

You want to stay in a distraction-free zone for as long as possible so that the MVC front-layer implementation is done fast, and the company’s website can start displaying enhanced SEO output as soon as possible and rank higher in search engine results.

However, you are not the only one on the company’s boat. You share it with these other shipmates—marketers. They have this important new campaign to launch, and it is important to have all the assets ready soon, mainly the landing page, but also various banners throughout the website corresponding to the online visitor’s journey.

Marketers know what they want. They analyzed data, and they know what needs to be done and when. However, they always need to come with their website-related adjustments to you, as you are the only one who can do this on the company’s website. As a result, your time and focus is taken away from the SEO implementation, and you now need to work on something completely different that, from your point of view, is super-boring.

For marketers, however, this is very important and exciting. If all the aspects of the landing page and banners are put together well, the upcoming campaign should result in being one of the best-performing campaigns ever. The only problem is time. If the campaign is not launched soon, the opportunity to be the first one to ride the unexpected wave might be missed for good.

Marketers know they will need to persuade developers to take their focus off the currently happening SEO improvement implementation, and that will be quite a challenge.

Well, the never-ending battle between marketers and developers is about to be stirred once again…

Creative Freedom for Both

So is there a way to solve it? Could it be done through ordering developers to learn online marketing tools, methodology, expertise, lead scoring, and push them into being interested in the latest marketing trends? Or maybe the other way around, through pushing marketers to learn object-oriented programming, the best practices for testing, and keep in-sync with the latest web technologies?

No, not really.

It would be incredibly hard to maintain excellence in both such different areas of the online world.

Instead, let’s find a way in which to work together in synergy:

All that marketers demand is enough flexibility to adjust and define content on the website so they don’t have to bother developers every single time they want to make some changes before, during, or after the campaign has been launched.

All that developers demand is the assurance that whenever marketers adjust the contents of a web page, it won’t break their MVC project so they can stay in the zone longer and innovate faster.

The solution? Dynamic components that have enough flexibility for marketers, and are easy and secure enough for developers to implement them and let them be.

MVC Page Builder with Widgets

That’s why we focused a lot of our effort on bringing you an MVC solution in Kentico 12 that will satisfy both your developers and marketers at the same time. No need to compromise on both teams’ happiness!

We have created a brand new MVC Page Builder that marketers can easily use for adjusting and controlling their content across the website while keeping developers at bay (and focused on their tasks).

Page Builder uses MVC Widgets that marketers (and content editors) can drag and drop into defined sections on the page and work more easily with the content.

Even more, developers can define which widgets are allowed to be used in the sections of the page, effectively controlling which tools marketers can use when defining the page content. This brings the risk of a broken website very close to zero.

We also emphasized the maximum flexibility of the MVC Widgets. Therefore, they are dynamic enough to meet a variety of needs that differ from project to project. Widgets can pretty much become anything that developers allow them to be—only the sky is the limit here.

Let’s Be Innovative Again!

MVC Page Builder in Kentico 12 was built to give your team’s innovative freedom. Your marketers can finally experiment with marketing campaigns more as they are not bound to your developers for every content decision. Instead, they have a perfect set of widgets created for them by your developers to meet most of their needs.

And your developers? They can finally keep improving your MVC web project without much distraction through newly found time to innovate again!

The release of Kentico 12 is just around the corner, and we are looking forward to unleashing your innovative soul once more!

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