Become a certified Xperience developer

Get recognized as an Xperience expert. With the Xperience Developer Certification, you can verify your knowledge, experience, and technical skills in using the latest Xperience and ASP.NET technologies, tools, and platforms.

Who is this certification for?

The Xperience Certified Developer exam will help you prove your extensive knowledge and expertise in developing applications using Xperience and related ASP.NET technologies. Passing the exam shows that you can design, develop, deploy, and maintain a Kentico Xperience website.

Why should you get certified?

Show off your expertise and technical savvy to your customers and the developer community.

What do you need to know?

The Xperience certification exam is delivered online 24/7. The exam consists of 50 questions in a multiple-choice and multiple-response format. You need to achieve at least a 70% score to become an Xperience Certified Developer.


You can also download developer certification guides for Xperience 11 and Xperience 10.

Put your skills to the test

The Xperience Certified Developer exam requires hands-on experience with designing, developing, deploying, and maintaining applications built on Xperience. Plus, you need to prove you can:

  • Determine the application’s data structure and storage
  • Select the appropriate development model and approach
  • Map project requirements to Xperience features
  • Present data using the API
  • Set up the development environment for teams
  • Customize out-of-the-box features
  • Optimize the application’s performance
  • Troubleshoot and debug the application
  • Deploy the solution to different runtime environments
  • Maintain the application through its lifecycle

Feel ready?

Purchase the Certified Developer Exam for Xperience 10, 11, or 12.*

*If you are certified for the current version of Xperience, you are entitled to receive a free seat when we release a certification exam for the newest Xperience version. This benefit is available only to developers who are certified prior to the release of the new exam. If you are an Xperience Solution Partner, you have several free offers and discounts. Log into the Partner Portal to find more.