Fast-track marketing success in times of change with a DXP

Fast-track marketing success in times of change with a DXP

Aug 12, 2020
Fast-track marketing success in times of change with a DXP

Change is perhaps the defining factor of 2020. Nearly every element of our lives has changed in such a short timeframe. We’re all working with less now. Time, money, focus—all our usual ways and means in marketing are thinner these days. Yet, we still need to deliver value to customers. The conundrum: We need to do more with less.

So how can we achieve productivity in a constantly changing climate?

Becoming a productive marketer

There’s some good news, and that’s that you probably already know how to be productive in times like this. Marketers have always had to be adaptable and agile. Budgets and campaigns can change in the blink of an eye.

But if you don’t want to have an 11th hour panic attack each time something changes (which, let’s be honest, is nearly every day—or at least that’s how it feels), you need to be future proof.

In these extraordinary times, more than before, you should be making sure your efforts won’t go to waste. That starts with the tools you’re using. Did you know that 44% of companies have already moved to a digital-first approach for customer experience? Starting with a great foundation can provide the best support for your company going forward.

From WCM to DXP

The content management system (CMS) has been around for over 20 years, forming the foundations for the vast majority of websites. Back in 2004, Kentico was founded, adding an easy-to-use CMS to the market. But as the world changed, so did that market.

The change to web content management (WCM) was a response to changes in customers’ needs. In 2014, our CEO Petr Palas said that digital marketing required “a unifying brand identity and faster level of responsiveness“. That same year, Kentico 8 elevated the game with an integrated marketing solution that moved our solution into the realm of WCM.

But WCMs are going the way of CMSs—not only because customers are changing, but so are marketers. We need more. We want personalization capabilites and A/B testing. We are going omnichannel.

If you look to Gartner, a leading research and advisory company, as a reliable source, you might be interested to know that they announced the retirement of their web content management Magic Quadrant at the beginning of this year because “client demand has been shifting from WCM to the broader scope of DXP (digital experience platforms)”.

In May, our rebrand to Kentico Xperience was to better align with our own solution’s future—a productive, seamless DXP that serves to deliver your efforts to the next level.

Think from your customer’s perspective with content management, digital marketing, and commerce all in one place. You’re all poised for action and working toward the same end.

Creating, delivering, and optimizing with a DXP

DXPs cover a lot of ground in one centralized base camp—what’s not to love? You and your marketing team benefit from synchronized, collaborative efforts, all working together across all your channels.

DXP capabilities can help you leverage digital transformation to drive customer value, which your customers will love. Viewing consistent messaging across channels could improve purchase intent by 90% (and, as a small marketing bonus, improve brand perception by 68%). Buy-in for campaigns is 287% higher when using three or more channels. And when 80% of customers will say “goodbye” because of a bad customer experience, there’s too much to lose by not creating consistent, delightful user experiences.

So how can a DXP help you here? Dive into our new ebook, How to fast-track marketing success with a DXP. Here’s a sneak peek:

1.    Centralized data = marketing power

A DXP is a purpose-built platform from which data is distributed to and from your digital touchpoints of choice. All too often silos of valuable data are locked in a variety of teams and technology that don’t (or can’t) speak to each another. With one system covering all aspects of delivering an amazing multi-touch customer experience, everyone is singing from the same sheet, all working toward a common goal.

2.    The right technology = increased productivity

The success of your campaigns lies in the hands of your employees and what you put in them. DXPs bring internal stakeholders together, not just customers. Not only are you handing employees the tools that enable them to knock their aims, objectives, and SLAs out of the park, but they often come wrapped in a friendly, super-intuitive, easily adopted, and empowering package.

A DXP can be a foundation for enhanced working experiences, a sense of autonomy, better engagement, more efficient management and accountability, smoother workflows, andーby cutting developers constant involvementーfaster delivery on projects and a reduced time to market. Not to mention super-consistent, highly relevant, and deeply engaging content reaching your customers, no matter their device, in a timely manner.

3.    Actionable insights = customer delights

Great marketing is born of great data. And with an DXP solution, you get in-depth analytics from every touchpointーall stored in one placeーthat will help you make exceptional decisions.

Your resulting marketing efforts are supported by sophisticated must-have integrated features like email marketing, automated marketing, social marketing, segmentation, personas, content personalization, and A/B testing.

With smart analysis tools that help you dig deeper into your data to gain meaningful and actionable insights, you can make effective optimizations across all channels and devices that nurture your customers with personalized and life-stage-relevant content.

Get your copy of this free ebook for a ton more insights. You’ll also learn about which key capabilities you need in a DXP and what they bring to you and your team—it’s a free checklist that you can use when thinking about how you can help your company become future proof. Are your tools delivering on these aspects? What about your shortlisted options?

Dive into our free DXP ebook

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